Northshore Exteriors was founded on hard work and attention to detail.  More than two decades of experience in construction trades ingrained in us a love of the best techniques and products for your roofing needs.   While we’ve got some favorite products, we’ll gladly install your favorites too.  

We’ve decided a blog is one more way we can help our clients.  It’s a place we can share inside tips, industry insight and leading trends.  See why we love some of the products we do – and how they can save you time, money and hassle.  You can get a feel for the process in completing a roof the right way, and how innovations and different options can make your roof choices the perfect ones for you.

If our experience and attention to detail can save you even one headache – it’s all worth it.  This blog is available day or night, even if we’re currently with another client.  Please feel free to enjoy and share with others that you think might benefit from what we explain here.