11 Sep 2018
HOA and your roof - blog cover

Hyper-local government

It’s the most local form of government. Your homeowner’s association (HOA) is designed to maintain a standard of appearance and the regulations/guidelines of your community. However, HOA’s aren’t just for condos and gated communities.

Many subdivisions, vacation communities, and even mobile home parks have some form of HOA. Sometimes they provide services like trash collection or snow removal from the dues. Often, they govern the choices you can make about your property (and forgiveness isn’t necessarily easier than permission.)

Your roof, or is it?

Appearance standards of an association may include how long you keep your grass and even what time to remove your garbage cans from the curb. When it comes to your roof, HOA’s can not only dictate the pitch of the roof in new construction but the color and style of the shingle.

They may require you to have a color or grade of roofing materials. These “architectural standards” also govern roof maintenance and roof replacement choices.

How bad can it be?

In some locations, the HOA will sue the homeowner/contractor and make them replace the whole roof. Some municipalities even require association approval before you can pull permits. While this seems drastic, it minimizes litigation requiring a roof to be torn off and redone.

Sometimes the building department will issue a stop work order notice for a minor color discrepancy. In our experience, you may even have to get mayoral approval to get it removed!

The good news

In Michigan, it is the contractor’s responsibility to ensure compliance. What a relief you decided not to do-it-yourself – that’s not you. We’re experts at navigating various levels of government requirements, including associations. Locally, permits are not tied to any HOA requirements.

We specialize in making your new roof or roof replacement as easy as possible. It’s our job to know if you need architectural shingles and if you need permission to change your roof’s appearance from the original build. It’s your job to select the roof you’re going to love for decades to come.