08 Jul 2016
Copper Penny metal roofing on Cupolla by Northshore Exteriors LLC

We used copper penny metal roofing as an accent on this Cupola, for a great contrast that really makes a statement.

Northshore Exteriors prides itself on every job done right the first time. You can always expect a roof that will last free of headaches and leaks, but that’s every roof every time.

Your roof is not every roof. We’re going to make it look great too, if you want to be the envy of your neighbors, or you just need it done as simple as possible.

08 Jul 2016
Steep 18/12 pitch roof on Torch Lake with nine skylights by Northshore Exteriors

This Torch Lake job features a full 18/12 pitch with nine skylights.  It was completed with our impeccable quality and attention to detail using Certainteed Landmark® Shingles.

While we always take the time to do a quality job, we don’t drag our feet. This job was completed weeks before the neighbor’s home – which doesn’t have a comparable size or difficulty, just a slower competitor.

The architectural shingle is designed to mimic the appearance of a cedar shake shingle, which the manufacture backs with a ten-year algae resistance warranty. On a steep pitch, that can be a really nice bonus depending on the home’s orientation (algae tries to start on the side of a home that doesn’t get direct sunlight)