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Proof of The Roof – A Portfolio Conversation

Our Proof of the Roof series started as a genuine desire to dig even deeper into our customer experience. While we always hear lots of praise about our process, honesty, and ability to overcome challenges – we wanted to know more.

We hired someone outside our company to get to know our clients better. Their interviewer probed to find out the homeowners’ goals, fears, and honest experiences. We shared these candid moments (with permission) to our Facebook fans.

As we began to have a “portfolio conversation” with our Facebook fans, we discovered that they’d had some of the same fears and challenges. They also spoke of problems they’ve had with other service providers.

Preserved in Perpetuity

We treasure the insight we gained in these in-depth roofing reviews and the conversations they facilitated. We wanted to maintain them so others with fears and challenges can benefit. Northshore exteriors strives to be the best roofing company, full of real people you can trust.

What you find below are the results of the homeowner interviews and social media sharing that led to such great conversations. They are organized with a tab for each home.

A Historic Home – With Leaks

This is the story of Jon Fiebing and his historic home here in Traverse City. Located on Bay Street, the Victorian house was constructed by Joseph Greilick in 1884, the owner of a sawmill. The home was one of the first in town with running water and features a beautiful tower with a French mansard roof. It has been in the Fiebing family for 64 years.

Unfortunately, over the past decade, the historic home has experienced some leaking issues with the roof. Jon reached out to our team at Northshore Exteriors for the solution. Rapidly, the project was underway. Looking back at the process, Jon spoke about his experience.

“One of its key features is the graceful tower that lends elegance to it. That makes the roof less than simple. When I met Joe Faunce regarding a new roof he was not only willing to take on a hard job; he seemed to look forward to it as a worthy challenge. That’s what we were in real need of.”

Challenge Accepted!

With our team hard at work, Jon took quick notice of our passion for what we do! This time around, we’re humbled to share a bit of information from him about his experience watching our teamwork.

“My wife and I are so happy with the work they did. The solid teamwork of all was something to see.
They not only worked hard but efficiently and did not skip over issues that come up in old homes like ours. Portions of the roof are quite high, and they did not overlook safety. Joe was on site every day to oversee the many small details of importance that made a difference.”

Dependable Results For Years To Come

Our team worked carefully around the tower, the staple of this Victorian home, which is rare in the area. In the “Italianate” style, there are only one or two others around. Structures of this nature can be a source of leaks, especially in old homes. With an extra level of caution, our team was able to get the job done.

With a dependable new roof and all leaks resolved, Jon and his wife can continue with a worry-free life in their home. We’re incredibly proud to share one last word from the owner.

“In all the years my family has lived in the house on Bay St. in TC it never had a roof as good as this one. Joe and his crew earned my admiration for how well this job was done.”

Prolific Icicles Indicate Roof Problems

Even if you are reading this when it’s still plenty warm out, there’s never a wrong time to discuss your large icicles. Indeed, the warm months are some of the best to fix this (and potentially greater problems.) Let’s explore with homeowner Randy Gay.

Before coming to Joe and the team, Randy had significant ice build up on his home during the winter seasons. As anyone conditioned to the winters in northern Michigan is aware, ice build-up is just the tip of the iceberg—the heart of the matter is always looming below the surface.

“We also had water that had come into the interior of the house causing water damage to the hardwood floors, carpet, and walls.”

Uncovering Roofing Problems

Through analysis, our roofing experts can see a lot just looking at your roof up close. Sometimes it requires a more in-depth look. We never make it scary or pressure you for repairs your roof doesn’t need. See what it looks like from the client’s perspective. During an interview, Randy, the homeowner, recalls his first interaction with Joe and his assessment of the home.

“The first day we met, Joe was up on our roof looking at the problem areas and offering solutions that made sense. He was patient with us and took as much time as we needed to make decisions and offering very honest roofing solutions. But he also went above and beyond to suggest he would need to pull up roof decking to see what issues existed and how he could fix them.”

Insulation Problems and Solutions

Roof repairs and new roof installations involve detailed assessment and planning phases. Preparing Randy’s home for the inclement winter weather of northern Michigan we see what it takes to treat the root causes of the problems (not the symptoms) and communicate them to the homeowners. Randy recalls vividly:

“Joe was honest what he needed to do to help us and what he might have to do to solve our problems… We found we had many areas that were lacking in or totally devoid of insulation and Joe spent extra time to make sure these areas were taken care of and addressed in the best way possible. He took plenty of pictures and was constantly explaining what the issue was, and how he was going to solve it. “

Handling The Common, But Unforeseen

In roofing projects both large and small, it’s almost inevitable that some sort of curveball will be thrown our way. While our process is quite refined, thorough analysis and attention to detail throughout the project, we usually encounter additional issues — which are immediately addressed and discussed with the owner of the home.

While working on this beautiful home, we stumbled upon a few small, unexpected issues. Randy Gay, the owner, explains.

“When they got to working around our chimney they found it was not protected properly at all. Joe worked with us to get a team of siding specialists to take apart the chimney wrap it properly and reseal it. They also found the flashing around the base of the chimney was improperly flashed which was the major area of water leakage. Despite all the issues that were found, Joe and his team stayed on schedule and within the budget we set. But our biggest appreciation of working with Joe was his communication and he was always readily available via phone, email or text.”

No Leaks Or Dangerous Ice

Hopefully, you have a sense of the passion we have for what we do in pursuit of making every roof ironclad dependable. Humbly, let us leave you with this insight from Randy, a kind man, satisfied customer, and owner of a reliable, now icicle-free, new roof.

“Once Joe and his teams finished the work we found all our water problems were solved. Our new roof looks great and all water leakage problems have been solved. I would recommend Northshore exteriors to anyone, but I would really recommend Northshore to anyone needing a new roof where the old roof is causing issues. We could not be more pleased with the work, the price and with Joe. Our biggest test this year was over the winter where we did not have any ice damns building up anywhere. I would rate Northshore as a 5 star out of 5 stars.”

Quality is the central value for Northshore, we use the absolute best quality materials and techniques to ensure long lasting repairs. We are so confident in our workmanship and supplies we offer a 10 year labor and material warranty on our work. (Warranty does not cover new storm damage, or improper installations performed by other contractors)

Why Choose Northshore Exteriors LLC?

EXPERIENCE: Our team has over 20 years of experience with home construction and restoration. We take great pride in having the most knowledgeable and trustworthy team throughout Northern Michigan.

MANPOWER: There is no job too big for us. We have the manpower to complete large, in-depth projects.

GUARANTEE: We always use high-quality building materials for our projects and our team makes sure it is done right.

TRUSTWORTHY: Making promises and keeping them is what we believe in. When never cut corners, always communicate, and stay true to our word.

You are a perfectionist, an artist in your field! Thank you for an awesome job, Joe! I sincerely appreciate your work and the personal dedication you gave us.  From dawn to dusk, your team was focused to deliver a quality job. They were courteous and went the extra mile to insure at the end of the day, everything was cleaned properly and we were completely satisfied. Just awesome!