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Chimney Tuck Pointing

Tuck pointing  is the process of removing and replacing the damaged and deteriorated mortar between the bricks. This process is important for the bricks of your chimney because keeping them in good shape is beneficial for a couple of different reasons.

First, it’s a safety hazard if your bricks aren’t held together properly. Having loose bricks can cause bricks to deteriorate to the point where they’re falling off completely, which can cause damage to your roof. Also, having a loose brick fall off your chimney and off your house completely can be hazardous, especially in the off chance it lands on someone or something.

Additionally, leaking can be caused from having a chimney that is falling apart. Tuck pointing helps prevent water from leaking into your chimney system. If not done, water can seep into the chimney system and cause damages such as mold, mildew, rotten wood, and can even stain ceiling and walls.

Having a chimney that has been tuck pointed correctly simply looks better than a chimney that is falling apart. When a tuck pointing job has been done correctly it will have a well-blended and water-resistant mortar joint that will extend the life of your brick chimney. Not to mention it can help increase the value of your home.

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